One more squall line passed through;
sweetgum branches crack and fall
on power lines throughout the town.

(He keeps the floor clear of debris.)

I can't reach the circuit breaker;
either way, the grid is down,
and autumn dark envelops all.

(He takes my hand to his elbow.)

In this or any situation,
I could hardly be more blind,
so not at all it troubles me.

(He warns me about the stairs with a touch at my wrist.)

The power could be out for days.
Still, a candle I will find:
one of us needs light to see.

(We hike together; he moves ahead so I can hear the terrain under his shoes before I get there.)

It's a simple give-and-take: our
grace together far outweighs
our solitary navigation.

Iron Noder 2015, 11/30