My place of work Is fairly gestapo when it comes to surfing at work. We're not allowed to do it, even between calls (I work helldesk).

Now, they were browsing the log files one day, and they must've seen my 10,000 or so hits1 of "", because I came to work one day and,, and were all blocked. Me being the geek I am, this was just a minor irrtitation.

Here's how to get around it:

Find the IP address
E2's IP is:
If you're looking to get to other sites that work has blocked, you'll need to find a website that'll do dns lookups for you. I used the one at .

This worked fine, but it wasn't too long untill they clued in and just blocked the whole IP. What was I to do?

Convert the IP to decimal (seriously): Take the IP that you just got.
Seperate it into 4 different numbers.
216 200 201 214
Turn each of those numbers into binary, making sure to pad the beginning of it with 0's untill each block has 8 bits
11011000 11001000 11001001 11010110
Now string them all together
And convert it into decimal
Tada... Throw that into the address bar of your browser, and unless it's blocked by hardware it should work.
Apparantly there's also a tool called the "URL Discombobulator" lets you convert back and forth from the IP to the decimal or binary address. It's at
-Thanks koreykruse

1 Exaggeration