Yeah, so the past year or so of my life has gone into a seemingly never ending blur. I have come to my own realization that life is all bullshit. There is no god, and no life after death. There is no "eternal happiness." There is only life, painful irritating life. Everyday, you wake up to another car accident, where a mother and her child were killed instantly, their lives ended. Everyday, you hear about another incident in some country, where hundreds die because they have no food. Everyday, people are getting older and older, tortured into age as they lose their abilities, and shortly their lives. Here we are, billions of people, ignorant to the suffering. Here we are, billions of people, living lies. Life is so terrible, yet I am still alive because, no matter how bad it is, I must hold on.

I have started doing drugs again. They help ease off life, until death.