Fighting games (or simply "fighters") are a genre of video, computer and arcade game in which players each control a character and square off against eachother in a duel. The characters in fighting games are predominantly human or human-like. Fighters can be sprite or polygon-based.

yerricde blocks my posit that fighting games cannot be first person with his example being the Virtual Boy's Teleroboxer. He goes on to say that Doom does not qualify as a fighting game because it focuses on projectile weapons, but where does this leave the Dreamcast game Tech Romancer? This game has all the elements of a fighter, however the focus is very much on projectile weapons. HADOKEN!

Just as my energy bar is reduced to a sliver amib tags in and dragon punches yerricde by pointing out that Teleroboxer isn't a fighting game because it's a boxing game. He goes on to write: "Fighting games aren't first-person since one of the primary attributes of fighting games is the third-person view. A valid definition of fighting game would include the third-person, primarily side view. This doesn't exclude any games that are clearly fighting games intuitively, and doesn't leave any games genreless." This all seems very reasonable to me. Many thanks for your playing!

Defining any electronic game genre can be tricky so to make things clear, here are some examples of games that are not fighters:

  • Combat is not a fighting game as the only characters available are non-human-like vehicles.
  • Final Fight is not a fighting game as the player-controlled characters do not fight eachother.
  • Pipo Saru 2001 is not a fighting game because it revolves around using a vacuum cleaner to suck the pants off of monkeys. Oh, and it's single player.
...And here are some games that are fighters:
WickerNipple: Beat em ups are a totally different genre. Think of a beat em up as a shmup without projectile weapons. Such games include Final Fight, Double Dragon, Bad Dudes etc. Oh, and I didn't make up the name for this node -- I just happened to notice that a lot of other nodes about these games include links to "fighting game" but no node existed.