Well life sucks. (Sorta) Got a speeding ticket a few weeks ago now, and now have been canned from my job at Subway. Nothing personal, just not enough revenue stream to keep me with enough hours to justify the paperwork. I got 3 hours last week.

19th birthday came and went, uneventful, girlfriend and i went on a date, dinner sucked but the movie/after was nice. Next night my mom decided to be a bitch while dishing up cake at official family celebration w/ cousin who just turned 21. "You're going to have fun right now god damnit" Oh well. Got some much needed cash. Got a very cool/nice looking flower thingy from girlfriend. It's a vase she filled with blue glass rocks, and then tookk these paper flowers and put them together in the top. Looks purty =)

But then we are both under a _lot_ of stress right now. I'm massivly in debt to her (money wise), and now w/o a job, and a speeding ticket looming, it's hard to get her any money, and she needs to cut back on her hours to keep up with her heavy high school load (like 4 AP classes and the like) so she needs the money i owe her. It's creating tension. I need to get away. I never went on vacation this summer. I want to take her with me on vacation for a weekend. Oh for her to be 9months older.

I love her. V, if you're reading this, I love you. Shoulder rub voucher, claim anytime.