Oh dear god. What a freakish dream. I would rather not go into the details, but let it be known that it was the first dream in a long while to make me jolt awake, mouth completely dry, sweating, and scared out of my mind. It creeped me out, so i went onto E2 for salvation, and sure enough, after about an hour of noding, and a big cup of ice water, i zonked back out. Only to have another wierd dream, only weird in a strange way.

It was at my old high school, it was lunch time, everything was put out buffet style, four carts forming a square. It was me and my better friends, we raced to get there (or you were likly to wait for most of lunch to get little food). It was all the same crappy food, but layed out as though it was relativly good/expensive. We wandered around making a plate of food, then i woke up as i got to the cashier.