A Second Opinion.

Lazarus is essentially right this is definitely what you'd have to call a B film, but it's no Gigli and I found it entertaining enough not regret having rented it, so I guess I found his review a little harsh.

Standard spoiler disclaimer here.

I think there could be a misreading about the repressed memory bit, my understanding was that it was the characters moving around in time that caused that. The critical junctures in his life were fuzzy because they were in fact indeterminate, he was modifying them and so they changed. One especially realistic detail I thought was everytime the character moved in time it affected his brain in a real way causing hemorrhaging from decades of memories being forced in in moments.

Definitely not what you would call science fiction as such since there's no explanation of why the character has the ability to move in time except that "he wasn't supposed to be born" a clue which gets reinforcement when a fortune teller finds he has no life-line. This will be the major plot resolution element.

You wouldn't want to go to a theater to see this but rented with a couple of other films for pure entertainment you won't be disappointed if your standards aren't too high.