I dreamed last night about the end of the world. At first me and some friends where just watching some fireworks at night. And then all of a sudden there was this large bang and I saw a mushroom cloud over the city. I saw it blow up buildings and take everything in it’s path. I knew that i was going to get to me and I was going to die. I closed my eyes and started to pray.

The next thing I know I’m floating in this large red cloud I start to think I’m inside the mushroom cloud but can’t figure out why I wasn't dead. I see this light open above me and this white light shines in. And most of my friends around me look up and leave there body and go to the light. I start to think well shoot I can’t do that. And here I spent my life going to church. Maybe I fell asleep when they said how to do that. Then I thought well at lest try and sure enough it work. I was up in the light.

After that I dreamed that me and some friends where visiting hell. We had to get special visitor passes. And hell looked a lot like GameWorks (a very upscale arcade). We waited in line and walked past this racing game that had many cars and 1 big like 3 story tall screen. After that I woke up.