I dreamed last night that I was out shopping at this mall. It wasn’t any mall that I can ever remember going to. But in my dream I knew my way around. I had come to the mall for a reason, but I can’t remember now what it was. I remember going into among other things the software store, (my personal favorite store) I also remember having the ever popular “the cookie stand is not part of the food court” debate. I ran into my girlfriend at the mall after I had that debate with my roommate.

My girlfriend was coming out of this women's underwear kind of shop. One of the Victoria Secret kind of places. I asked here if she found anything good and said "yes" but he she wouldn’t show it to me then but maybe latter.

She left and me and my roommate headed of to the video store for some anime. Where we saw some of my friends. They joked that they wanted to rent Tentacle Sex number 6. But the other said they hadn’t seen One through Five and it wouldn’t make senses to come in the middle. We laughed about that for a bit and then I woke up just before I got to look at the anime they had.