Patton Oswalt is a very funny but not very famous comedian. He's a sort of troll looking fellow who often jokes about his appearance in his shows. I highly recommend checking him out live if you ever get a chance.

Here's one of his bits that always cracked me up:

"I love the televangelists, I don't believe 'em, but I love them anyway. My favorite is Pat Robertson, especially around Halloween. "It's the devil's day!" He says, and all I can think is, even if that were true, what a lame ass devil! It'd be like (gets this Snidely Whiplash look on his face and starts talking in this thin evil voice) Alright, let me think, I've got control over all the major corporations, spewing toxic waste into the environment and burying the human race in saran wrap and billion year diapers, I've got control of the media making people complacent and unquestioning, but I want CANDY! Let me see, I could sell some of my stocks and run a leveraged hostile takeover- no that's too easy! I KNOW! I'll use the children! I'll have them dress as princesses and Power Rangers, and commit petty acts of vandalism, and then I'LL HAVE ALL THE MINI THREE MUSKETEERS I NEED!!! BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

He also does a hilarious bit on Nick Nolte almost landing the role as Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy. To be truly savored it has to be heard. I cannot even begin to do it justice here.