In a sense that concentrates less on amazingly-selfish-yet-amazingly-effective money-acquiring techniques, it's also the motto that corporate bean-counters hammer into their underlings so that they'll think every second of time they aren't working their filthy asses off is wasting unjustified amounts of money. Therefore, when you waste time, you waste money. Notice that when you gain or waste money, time is not affected. And unless you have a time-machine shoved up your ass you can't gain time, except in a metaphorical sense. Therefore, under this postulate, the only thing that can happen is you getting screwed.
Usually this gets them (the underlings) to think that they'll start losing money if they waste time. This theory crumbles into dust when they're handed their pink slip just for being zealously productive while their Masters are playing golf and telling each other how much money they have (See The Three Corporate Lessons). It's merely corporate dogma perpetuated in order to further their progress in the never-ending pursuit of The Almighty Dollar.