Corporations hold land. Corporations have property. Corporations have rulers and corporations have citizens or, in some cases, serfs i.e. those that the company employs. If you've never worked for a large corporation you may not see my point, but having lived in The Belly of the Beast, I can tell you that the day of the Corporate State, that is, a corporation that acts wholly like its own nation -- creates its own revenue, houses its own subjects, and exists seperate of any other nation -- is coming ever closer.

The place where is work is nothing short of an estate complete with lake and rolling hills. Childcare, on location Gym, Bank, Cafeteria, Dry Cleaning, Hair Salon, Power Station -- etc. etc. etc.. short of employee housing, this place is a self-contained city.

Corporate Government is Totalitarian as well. Drug Testing, Computer Monitoring, ubiquitous Security Cameras -- these are only a few features of Corporate Security, the agent of the Corporate Police State.

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