I got my new security pass for my floor at work today. I was more than a little amused to see the ID number on the pass was 31337.

Thanks to sickness, training courses and general incompetence, today I'm the boss of the testing team. Four hours is all it takes for me to remember exactly why I decided a management position would not be included in my future career plans.

I bought myself a copy of the new Placebo album today because it had super-fancy packaging and I'm a sucker for limited edition crap. It's like a pop-up book - pull on a tag on one side of the cover and the CD pops out the other. I give it a couple of months before the packaging falls apart completely. The CD itself is fair-to-middling on first impression, which is unfortunate.

At least some of this year's comebacks have been worthwhile. The Go Betweens return was not only welcome but a pleasure in every respect. "The Friends Of Rachel Worth" has been all but glued in my CD player for several days now.