This game is both loved and reviled at the same time.

Why? Well, it's not finished....

I am in the UK and so had to wait a bit longer for the release of this game over here, and as soon as I got it, I had to download a patch. Now this is nothing new to most PC gamers, especially those games with multiplayer internet support, but this game takes the biscuit.

The game was released unfinished, many of it's 'features' (In game email and browsers) plain didn't work. The game had horrendous bugs and needed an insanely powerful system to get it even playable (never mind 1024x768x32). People who owned 3dFX cards were treated to framerates that looked more like slideshows. In fact, browsing the in-game forums I have noticed that a huge amount of people actually went out and bought a new graphics card just so they could play this game (myself included). The list of bugs was endless (from memory leakage to whole system crashes), and a constant stream of patches ensued. Tribes 2 so far has had roughly 10 patches, I say roughly because there is a noteworthy incident regarding a recent patch. One of the more recent 'updates' sparked outcry after a series of glaring bugs somehow 'slipped' past Dynamix's QA department. Not only were there huge graphical bugs like people not being able to see their own health bars, but nearly every server running the new patch crashed without fail every 15-20 minutes.
Needless to say, Dynamix profusely apologised and hurriedly released a backwards patch that reverted to the previous version.
Dynamix has become a laughing stock in some gaming circles, and there are still many people who simply cannot play this game despite having systems equal or greater than those specified on the box.

Despite all it's faults, I still love the game. It's intuitive voice commands, customisable armour, weapon types and addictive gameplay all make for a great game (even if it is just a slightly updated Tribes).

Oh, and to date, Tribes 2 has sold over 112,000 units and taken in 5.1 million dollars.