I feel that I cannot write all I want to say in fear that my fello E2 friends may read this. This is my first writeup as a E2 member, so I hope it is up to everyone's standards.

Since the summer has started, my life has made drastic changes. I have gone from having a few friends I see every once in a while to having a great group to hang with and party with. Even though I am without a boyfriend, I feel I have everything I need to survive in this life. But selfishly, I have been upsetted by my best friend. She has this great boyfriend, which by the way, I had dated before her. Anyway, I sometimes feel second to her. She has no problem ditching me to spend time with her boyfriend, and he keeps her from spending time with me by telling her that I still make him nervous. Even around our friends I feel like second best. She is always the one getting the attention and the guys. I guess lately my jealousy is starting to sink in.

I am going to leave this entry with a thought:
Forget about all the emptiness in you life, and just go out there and enjoy it.