Song by Nine Inch Nails (words already noded by yerricde) on the 1989 album Pretty Hate Machine. In addition, it was also released as a single in 1990 by TVT Records (catalogue number: 2617).

track list:

  • US version
    1. Sin Long (5:50)
    2. Sin Dub (4:56)
    3. Get Down Make Love (4:17)
    4. Sin Short (4:19)
  • UK version
    1. Sin Short (4:19)
    2. Sin Long (5:50)
    3. Get Down Make Love (4:17)
    4. Sin Dub (4:56)
Total running time: 19:32.

All the remixes of "Sin" are longer than the album version (even the "Short" one). All of the "Sin" mixes were done by Adrian Sherwood and Keith LeBlanc. "Get Down Make Love" is a cover of a Queen song. The cover was produced by Hypo Luxa and engineered by Jeff "Critter" Newell, Alien Jourgensen (of Ministry fame), Trent Reznor, and Sean Beavan.

Where the samples in the "Get Down Make Love" cover came from, according to Sean Beavan:
I think the sample at the beginning of "Get Down Make Love" is from an old viacom cable access show called 'Video Psychotherapy'... That sample along with the Japanese porno samples were added in Chicago with Al Jourgenson. I did only the basic track recordings in Cleveland. Those samples were added during the mix.1

The single shows off a nifty design for the word "sin" which I would reproduce for here in ASCII art form save that I have no ASCII art talent. Nevertheless, an image of it is easy enough to find online, if not at your local record store. The background is red on the US version and black on the British version. I, currently, have no idea why (same with the altered track list). This and the single for "The Day The World Went Away" are the only NIN releases not to mention who the designer of the package is.2

A music video was partially completed for the song, though didn't see the light of day until 1997 when the Closure video set was released. Apparently Trent Reznor decided not to complete the video due to TVT wanting to censor it so much. The video still remains incomplete on Closure (thus it's much shorter than the song) and contains black and white footage of Reznor bound to what appears to be a gigantic gyroscope being spun by two dominatrixes (whose breasts are exposed), as well as more black and white footage of two topless men smoking a joint (with one putting on and waving around a strap-on). Not MTV-friendly.

1Quote obtained from the Official Unofficial NIN FAQ.
2I recall hearing who designed the "sin" logo but cannot remember now nor find the information online. Anyone who knows please /msg me so I can add that information (or anything else I've not mentioned about Sin) here.