Lyne is a relaxing puzzle game. Well, I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to be relaxing, with its calm pastels and its mild pipe music, but its a puzzle game. They're all exasperating. Anyway, Lyne is played by connecting shapes with lines. Most levels have two or more shapes, say triangles and squares, and a handful of double spaces arranged on a small grid. To complete each level you have to draw a path from the starting and ending shape that passes through every instance of that shape. Lines cannot normally pass over or through themselves or each other. Simultaneously, helping and complicating the matter are double, triple, and occasionally quadruple spaces that allow lines to cross but must be crossed as many times as allowed. Levels are grouped into sets. The core game consists of sets A - Z which, at twenty-five levels per set, is 650 levels. Combine this with the three daily sets and you have dozens of hours of play.

As far as small, simple games go, Lyne is definitely a keeper. Game play wise it feels like a souped-up browser game but that's appropriate for the price. The graphics are little more than 2D geometric patterns, but that's really all that's needed.