I got further behind this year than ever before. I blame the election and assorted fallout which is weird because I'm mostly apolitical in my outlook and general life style. Somehow the insanity still got to me and zapped my creative output.

Iron noder is the one thing that can actually get me to write consistently so I'm happy that I participate even if I'm just going through the motions most of the time. Actually, this year I've really warmed up to "just going through the motions" since it at least means you're doing something. When I was younger I had this mental picture of myself trapped in some soul crushing job that I hate by this point in my life. That is more or less what I got and considering the state of the world I'm disturbingly glad for it. I even had enough vacation days saved that I could take the end of this month off which is why I'm typing this. Over all the plague year has been really good to and for me.

Here is to 2021 one being even better.