The game of EverQuest lives daily upon many servers. There are many regular servers with names such as Bertoxxulous, or The Tribunal. Along with these, there are PvP (player versus player) servers and PvP Teams servers with names ending in Zek. The Test server is a version of everquest unlike all the rest.

On this incarnation of Norrath (Sony's fictional world) the rules, options, and equipments are altered continuously. The server goes offline many times each week. This is not neccessarily a bad thing, as it ensures a reliably small population. Rather than the 2000ish people of the main worlds, the test server has from 200 to 400 at a given time. This means you can have a closeness with your peers, and pick of your room in Guk to boot.

Twice in the Test's history the characters have been demolished. The first was in the initial week of the game, and no characters survived (except some of Sony's in house players). The second wipe was also total, but the sadness and loss of players after it convinced Verant to reinstate the characters without their clothes and weapons. I found this to be a fun event for my gnomish Necromancer (Skellum Smorgasbord). Working back from Torn Green Drape* to Robe of the Seeker to the robe of Discord and beyond (I believe when i finished I'd attained the Loam Encrusted Robe and Ghostly Robe as well - the wipe inspired quite a collection). The second wipe inspired many test players to write e-mails to a certain inside man at Verant who kindly enabled us to switch to a more stable server. I ventured onto another plane for a time, but returned after several traumatic journeys through the Eastern Commonlands during peak times.

The Test Server is no doubt a unique and wonderful way to experience the world of Norrath. There are limitations in the mid-levels (before teleportation and lasting friendships) from restricted grouping possibilities. As the levels progress, this becomes less of an issue. Another notable aspect of playing on the TS is one meets influential members of the game's staff who drop in to play around. I hope this makes you consider examining this superior approach to EQ.