Buffing, in the RPG sense1, is a common term (if frowned upon) to describe the application of effects (buffs) which make a character more powerful, particularly for a short period of time. Often these buffs are spells which increase stats, such as Cat's Grace in D&D which increases a single characters Dexterity, provide protection against certain attacks, such as spells that offer damage resistance like Stoneskin or Endure Elements, or other additional benefits. Some spells last a long time, others short times, some affect multiple people, others only one, or only the caster.

Specifically, the following types of effects are not buffs:

  • Any item that gives a permament effect when worn
  • Any effect that has negative effects (even if in addition to positive effects, or these negative effects only are active on enemies)
  • Any effect that repairs damage (healing, removal of negative effects)

    1: I refuse to use the word roleplay to describe these games. Whilst roleplay can occur in D&D, in Neverwinter Nights, it's pretty limited. You are more than your spell list