I wake up, you lying next to me in my arms. I am overcome with fear, at the same time, calm and content. Your beautiful face is next to mine. Looking at your sleeping figure, I know that I have never met you before, but my heart tells me I love you, and have felt that way for a long time. Carefully, so as not to disturb your slumber, I climb out of the warm bed into the cool morning air. The room is one I have not seen with my eyes, my mind tells me otherwise. I know that we moved into this apartment short months ago. Away from the home I knew, to the home I have never seen, but know intimately.

You roll over, searching for the warmth that has left your side. Sensing my absence you begin to stir, asking me softly to come back to bed. Hesitantly, I move back towards the bed, towards you. After settling under the covers, back to you, you slide up to me and throw an arm around my chest, hugging me that much closer. Your breath is warm on my neck, which is tense with fear and confusion. you know something is wrong, I can tell, but before you can ask, I tell you that I just could not sleep. You seem satisfied with that and I relax a little, rolling onto my side. You kiss me on cheek and whisper an "I love you" into my ear.

You drift off to sleep again, but I lie there trying to understand what is happening. I know everything about our life together; the day we met, where we went on our first date, your favourite foods and pet peeves. I know your likes and dislikes in bed, your tendancy to hum while in the shower. The thing I still do not know is your name. The alarm turns on beside us, and you roll over to shut it off. I pretend to have slept through the racket as you prepare to leave for work. Everything after that point is a blur. Daily life progresses at a maniacal pace.

When the world moves again at what can only be called a normal pace, we are again in our bedroom, you just crawling in, myself getting undressed. Instantly I freeze, not understanding what has happened. You see me standing there in a daze, and come over to comfort me. A long kiss brings back coherence in my mind. You ask me what is wrong. I simply shake my head, you know I do not know. You take my hand and lead me to bed, but before I climb in, I wake up.

I still have no idea who you are, or where we live, but that does not seem to matter. It was all a dream. I woke up to your love in a dream, and now I am awake and I have nothing here but work and the flipping of hamburgers...