I just want to send out some well-wishes to Packers’ quarterback Brett Favre, who banged up his knee on Sunday and had to be carted off in tears. I really hope to see him out on the field in two weeks ( The Packers have a bye coming up), keeping his record string of 164 consecutive starts alive.

I’m not even a Green Bay Packers fan.

It may sound a tad sappy, but I’ve loved this game since I was a little boy. And over the years I’ve watched its players degenerate into a bunch of egotistical fuckheads. Players like Terrell Owens, who pulls off a new and different LOOK AT ME! stunt each season, or Randy Moss getting paid $70 million dollars to play “when (he) wants to” (i.e. take plays off and just stand around). And I won’t even get into cokehead scumbags like Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders. In the modern day NFL, Brett Farve stands out as one of the few class acts left. No one plays with more passion, no one has a better attitude toward the game and its fans.

Get well soon Brett.

NOTE: Apparently an MRI on Monday showed no structural damage to Brett’s knee, and there’s a good chance he’ll play on November 4th against the Miami Dolphins. Chalk one up for the good guys.