The park with the castle is Wilson Park. Another fun park in The People's Republic of Fayettenam is Walker Park which has a large outdoor skate park maintained by the city and free to the public.

Fayetteville is the current home of eccentric super-realist artist Donald Roller Wilson (usually referred to simply as "Roller").

Persistent rumors state that: a 5-ton kaiju-theater-style Giga-Chicken-Monster resides in a giant cloning vat in a super-secret sub-basement of the University of Arkansas's Center of Excellence for Poultry Science. Another local story is that the Old Main building is, in fact, no building at all, but rather the ornate, half-exposed head-dress of a giant sleeping Aztec god, from before the tribe moved south from it's original home, Springdale, AR, to Mexico, at least 100 years ago. These rumors are almost certainly true.

Also, Arsaga's pwns Common Grounds.