The other day, I was online, searching for new and interesting ways to burn herb, when I came across a novel method I had never heard mention of. Later, asking a friend more experienced in herb-burning than I, he said he had done it before at parties, and to him it had always been known as the "chilly billy."

Basically, roll the preferred herb into a cigarette. Then, wet a glass and leave it in the freezer for a few minutes, the same way one would frost a stein to drink oat sodas. Spark the J, then place it on the lip of the frosted mug. Place a CD case or similar object on top of it to hold it in place, making sure the entire body of the joint is inside the mug.

The result of these efforts is basically a glass of thick, white, and pleasantly cool smoke. Because it isn't warmer than room temperature, the smoke should just sit there in the glass, frothing and stirring around, where one can "drink" it at one's leisure. Definitely a neat party trick.