I went into town today to get my sister a CD for her birthday. I took the car, much against everyone's advice, because I have found a parking space in town that no-one else seems to know about. (And no, I'm not telling :-) Anyway, as I was coming out of the top of Buckstone Road, waiting for a gap in the traffic in which to turn right, I noticed a slightly familiar looking guy on a bike, coming up the road towards me. I didn't place him at first. Sandy-coloured beard. Glasses. Slightly tubby. Late forties? Squinting look. Then, as he was passing direcly in front of my car, it hit me and I informed my passenger:

"Holy shit, it's Bill Bryson!"

Although my passenger agreed with me, I can't in retrospect say with 100% certainty that he was in fact the distinguished travel-writer himself. But if he wasn't, whoever he was would do well to get in touch with a look-a-likes agency.