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Well, then. A new username. See if we can do a bit better this time, eh Dave?

Stuff I've learned:

  1. Your real name doesn't make a shit-hot username.
  2. Getting to level 3 almost purely on lyric nodes of bands no-one else seems to like doesn't really produce a sense of achievement.
  3. I'd probably enjoy this a bit more if I had a mission drive of some kind.


I'm going to start noding again. Properly. And one thing I'm going to be noding a lot of is pubs and bars in the Edinburgh area. Hopefully get it all linked together under some metanode-type thing. So far I've enlisted the help of one other noder (also caled Dave irl) and a few of my non-e2 friends as drinking buddies research assistants.

Watch this space. Or my scratchpad, where you might actually see something worth watching ;-)

reformedniceguy (at) Random crap appreciated.