Wave Twisters is the name of the full length album released in November 1998 by the excellent mixer, DJ Qbert. It showcases the skill and talent of this artist in an astounding 45 minutes of beauty. The album purports itself to be a soundtrack for the fictional TV show, Wave Twisters. Many of the tracks can be imagined to be themed for a TV show.

Track List-

  1. Turntable TV
    Intro to the album. A harsh intro to the type of style Qbert will be using throughout. Mostly the words "Turntable TV" warped and twisted for a minute and a half, with a few samples thrown in.

  2. A Word from Fresh Breath Mouthwash
    A very cute little "commercial" spot for the show. A very lightly mixed spot of a young woman singing a theme song for a mouthwash. Very cute.
    "Now here's something to think about, something very important about your health. Brush your teeth, please do it, brush them night and day, the very best care will keep them there and they'll never, ever move away."

  3. Enter the Wave Twisters
    "And now, Fresh Breath Mouthwash Presents, Wave Twisters!"

  4. Inner Space Dental Commander
    If you like linear lyrics, the rest of this album is not for you. Now Qbert gets right down into the mixing and sampling. This "theme song" for Wave Twisters is a dental themed, three minute mix fest with some horns, and about three samples.

  5. Redworm
    Now we're into the show itself. Outer space antics sampled from terrible 50's sci-fi, with turntable goodness all around.

  6. Cosmic Assassins
    Star Wars, Star Trek, Blaxploitation samples, with jazzy interludes. Beauty.

  7. Destination - Quasar
    This is my favorite track on this album. This was the track off of this album that I heard in a small grocery store, which prompted me to pick up the album. Samples from many, many sources, with an electronicy background. Includes samples from MechWarrior 2 and StarCraft. Aww yeah.....

  8. Paranoia
    Another excellent hard core sampling track. Almost an extension of Destination - Quasar.

  9. Invasion of the Octopus People
    The attack of an alien race on the Tv show. Rapid sampling done at low volumes. This track is mostly a showcase for the skratching itself. Excellently done.

  10. Electric Eye Beam Abduction
    Creepy track. The Aliens have obviously taken over. Features several different warpings of Star Wars samples.

  11. Razorblade Alcohol Slide
    Deeply bass-ful Thumping and Skratching. More Samples.

  12. Sneak Attack
    The humans mount a counter attack against the aliens. Hard skratching and samples.

  13. Movement 1 - Quadraphonic Element Download
    These three movements all finish up the "TV show" part of the album. These three tracks show off all of QBerts skills, from mixing and sampling to hard core skratching.
  14. Movement 2 - 6 Fingered Fury
  15. Movement 3 - Inside Out Body Warp

  16. Turntable TV (Blueprint)
    Remix of the above Turntable TV track.

  17. Aphrodisiskratch
    Only available on some imports, this amusing track samples a 50's short about nocturnal emissions. Much moaning and ooh'ing.