Believe it or not, there arein fact red bananas in the world. I made this discovery yesterday in Newark, Delaware at an organic food store. This particular type of banana was grown in Ecuador, and has a dark maroon hue on the skin.

The flesh of the red banana is slightly darker than that of the accepted, yellow variety. Also, in the entire bin of red bananas, not a single one was any longer than five inches. This is a great deal smaller than the normal length of a yellow banana.

The red bananas are also different in taste. They have essentially the same flavor as an overly-ripe yellow banana that is about to be made into bread, although the red bananas are are much more bitter. That's right, bitter. I never would have thought that a ripe banana could be bitter until I ate this one. I am glad to know that red bananas exist, I just don't ever want to see another one.

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