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Tragically, the gaming company that published Shadowrun, FASA, folded in 1999. The Shadowrun property, which for a while was a homeless orphan, finally settled into the kind hands of Whizkids LLC, the folks who make the Mage Knight game. They, in turn, licensed Shadowrun to the game company FanPro, the German gaming company which produced the Germany, France, and Hungary Sourcebooks.

They released a new SR book at GenCon 2001, Year of the Comet. Their next new SR product, Target: Awakened Lands, shipped in October of 2001. So far, only two more products have been spec'd out, but more are on the way. Threats 2 is expected in December of 01, and Shadows of North America is expected in early 02.

A current product list for the Shadowrun RolePlaying Game -
The four digit number before each item are the FASA product numbers. Some will be renumbered when they are reprinted by FanPro. See below.

Rulebooks and Sourcebooks

  • 7401 Sprawl Maps


Other Items

  • 7701 High Tech and Low Life: The Art of Shadowrun


    The following products will continue to be printed by FanPro. Please note that previous FASA products and adventures can usually be purchased from gaming stores and online.

    Shadowrun, Third Edition
    Shadowrun Third Edition Gamemasters Screen/Critters
    Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows
    Cannon Companion
    Magic in the Shadows
    Man and Machine
    Rigger 3
    Corporate Download
    New Seattle