The first truth is that we have all been mentored at some point in our E2 careers. We have all looked up to someone with more, and say, where are my errors? Other Users has said, here they are, fix them. And we did. And it was good. We are everything. We beat with the heart in the binary and the soul in the code. We find the niches and corners where the data lies in strings, and make it real.

We provide the fact in the fiction and the lies in our facts. We bless the cursed and give the stagnant much-needed motion. We prod with upvotes and nudge with downvotes, and bare our writeups for all to C!. These are our most private parts and we make real the trivial. Daily, we give the new their minute legend, and raise them as high as ourselves. We do not differentiate between anyone--we hold each other to the ideals we strive to achieve. We donate credence to the unsure and love to the weak. We strengthen the individual and in this way do we strengthen the community.

We dispense heartfelt praise and bitterly admonish the proud. We take pride in our work and expect it replaced by those above and below. We take great pains to better ourselves, and through this do we watch in awe as our students teach others. The circle is closed, and we belong in the centre. We are the circle; we are the centre.

We are, and do provide mentors to the brave; the mentored do in turn sacrifice themselves for the cause and take on new apprentices. The apprentices blaze new paths, trails, and find the lands we never could. We discover hidden rivers and bring to light dark corners in the nodegel. We are an expedition through the knowledge of the world. We look on in wonder as we discover new places and new faces. We mark the faces and burn them to mind; we claim the lands as our own.

The circle opens again--we throw wide our arms and embrace. We never stop. We grow and continue as one. We were never separate. We travel the miles together, and we sit down and rest as one.

for noders come and gone