Originally I'd had the idea that I'd follow in the hallowed footsteps of friends and compatriots: preface the changes listed below with an abstruse, overtly-literate block of prose, referring, however abstractly, to my monkey-swinging throughout the nodegel.

When I regained some sense, I scrapped two ample, full-bodied paragraphs of a wild, loincloth-wearing editor, swinging about the nodegel, bashing soft nodes with my janitorial mace of doom. After I cried for a good ten minutes--it always hurts to murder your darlings--I decided on a meaningful, pointed block of text regarding my own views on E2 policy. It was good, even, filled unto bursting with poignant thoughts about where we are, where we were and, wait for it, even where we're going. But then, I read arieh's and wertperch's pieces above and quickly decided, well, I just can't top that.

Besides, you are E2, you are its views, and you are its policy. We're all changing. Maybe we're even growing.



Added biological and technological distinctiveness to: