After having a fantastic time with my family, I came back to check up on E2 and see if anything interested had been posted. Imagine my surprise to see that someone had given me another Christmas present in the form of votes. Seeing as how I never had this opportunity before, I wanted to make these votes count as much as I could.

I firmly believe in positive reinforcement, so I decided to upvote as many quality nodes as possible. I started out with my absolute favorite and went out from there. I covered several helpful nodes on obscure subjects, tossed in a couple on some of my favorite hobbies, and now I have a bunch left.

So I'm taking advantage of this to check out the parts of E2 I haven't seen yet. Every time I've run wandered about I have something new; now's the chance to show how I appreciate it. Thanks to everyone for making E2 what it is, thanks to dannye for the christmas bonus, and Merry Christmas.