If all goes well, this should be the day I move all my worldly possessions into my new apartment. Though to be truthful, my original day was sometime in the middle of last month, and ever since I attempted to lay out a specific date for the move, stuff has... crept up on me, forcing me to delay the event. So I'm not putting all my faith in this particular day.

The new apartment-moving-in thing is neccesary though. The rent has already been paid, and the utilities have been taken care of, so it's just a matter of loading a moving truck up with muh stuff, and shipping it to downtown Vancouver.

I haven't been posting on E2 for a while because of a lack of inspiration, a lack of motivation, and a lack of caffination. But seriously, I've just been busy with other sites, other projects, stuff I should have finished but I've been putting off in order to taken care of other things I should have finished a month ago... *sigh*...

Today, March 24, 2001, I have finished Grim Fandango, a deliciously emotional adventure game by LucasArts. It's not very long though, and the replay value is low, but it was still fun exploring the created world within.

On my desktop for the last three hours has been the webcam visage of 'Miz RedHead', hailing from mizredhead.com, of all places. Perky lass, indeed. Also, I have been listening to Art Bell online tonight, for a change. His show today, he decided to make one of his call in lines the 'Anti-Christ line' and the other his 'Time Traveller line'. Results ranged from hilarious to disturbingly believable, but Art remained calm and staid as always.

Windows 98 uptime (yes I KNOW the joke) has been 5 hours, 48 minutes and 17 seconds.