Killer windows (see the upcoming Fox Special, "When Windows Go Bad") can be a serious problem for birds. I've heard that birds are sometimes attracted to reflections of sunlight off the window, and I've also heard that they are actually going for something inside the window. Who knows what silliness lurks in the minds of birds? However, it is certain that they are not, despite what you might think, trying to mate with your blinds.

Exorcism is an option for handling this, like so many other problems in our modern world. But there is another, probably much easier, solution: put a black cutout shaped like a hawk in the window. It doesn't need to be an exact replica of a hawk, just as long as you get the basic points - longish, narrow tail, narrow wings swept slightly back, and black colour. The theory, if I remember it correctly, is that most birds instinctively recognize this as a hawk's shadow, and they go into defensive maneuvers before they even have a chance to think about the likelihood of the whole thing.

I'm not quite sure about the theory, but this definitely does help keep avian death tolls down. And it doesn't even require that there be real hawks in your neighborhood. Instinct will keep most of the wannabe kamikaze birds away.