In the last two weeks or so my days have been so jam packed that I have fallen into the habit of noding my day log after the day has already passed. Today is no exception.

Happy Birthday: You make money easily; you also spend money easily. A partner or financial associate tries to curtail your spending. You see this person as unpredictable. Emphasize your day-to-day life. Work on organization, and enhance your work situation. If you are single, romance comes toward you. You are far more appealing than you have been in previous years. You might not opt for commitment for a year or so. If you are attached, your relationship might work if you can get past a money issue. SAGITTARIUS makes work interesting.

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday dear Meeeee
Happy Birthday to me!

Today started out pretty oddly. I was playing around on Everything when I noticed alvin had /msged "Happy Birthday" to me. My first thought was, my birthday isn't til tommorrow. Then I looked at the clock and it was 11:30 PM, he had sent the message a little early, or else lived in a different time zone! Now I was excited! It's my birthday!

Normally I don't get too excited about my birthday, I just let it pass. Or rather, I don't get visibly excited, I usually wait (and hope) for someone else to make a big deal out of my birthday. But no one ever does. So this year I took my birthday into my own hands. I was so excited that it was my birthday that I didn't get to sleep until 5AM! I called the pop radio station at 3:30AM and talked to the DJ, Izzy, for about an hour. He played a birthday song for me and asked me out. We're going to meet at Applebee's on Tuesday.

I woke up at 10:30, looked at the clock and was going to sleep some more when I remembered, Today's my birthday!!! And I jumped out of bed and headed almost immediately for the shower. For some reason I have been in an extremely dense fog lately. I haven't been too interested in life, I haven't had any energy. But dammit, today was my birthday and I was going to have a good time.

I ended up going to the tire shop to have my tire looked at. They fixed it for free. I don't know if was because it was my birthday or if it was just something they don't charge for, but he wished me happy birthday when he told me there was no charge...

I then went to the grocery store. I told everyone I saw that it was my birthday. If only you could have heard me...geez, I can be so silly sometimes. I went to Applebee's and I told them it was my birthday. They gave me a free dessert. I am so shameless. I love attention. But most of all I just love to be happy and cheerful, it's disgusting, ask MarilynM.

I had to get gas so I went to the gas station. I told them it was my birthday. I bought three scratch off lottery tickets. I made the guy at the counter pick them out. I don't buy them very often, cos I never win. I only won a dollar. I bought another and I lost my dollar. I was bummed and the guy at the counter bought me two more cos it was my birthday. I am so shameless!! I won a dollar and he was going to let me keep it, but I am not that shameless. I let him keep the dollar:)

Then I stopped to talk to my favorite neighbor on the way home. She is a great friend and I am not young enough to be her grand-daughter, I am closer to the age of her daughter, but I always have the urge to call her grandma for some reason. We talked for over three hours. I think she likes it when I stop to see her cos I always have some crazy story to tell her. And she's so fun to tell stories to because she laughs in the right places, she gets my jokes and she's a very cool nice person. Finally I realized it was almost seven and I was going to be late for my very own birthday dinner! So I told her that I was really glad that I stopped by and she wished me a happy birthday and gave me a huge hug.

I arrived just in time to accompany my sister to pick-up dinner. We ordered pizza, nothing too fancy, but it was really too hot out and too much of a pain to cook a dinner on a week day. Besides, I get my real family get together on Saturday, it's going to be SO much fun, I cannot wait!!!

When we got to the pizza shop the pizza guy made some comment about how much food we had ordered and guess what I said? It's my birthday! My sister just rolled her eyes. I love my birthday! I don't know what got into me, but I was just all silly all day! The guy wished me a happy birthday and said he would rush our order. He was kind of cute too.

When I got home my older brother was there. He wasn't supposed to be there. Then my younger brother showed up and he wasn't supposed to be there. We were planning on doing the huge family celebration on Saturday, yet all four of my siblings were there. It was very neat. My little brother was going to leave before we ate the cake but I asked him to stay and he did. I was very happy that everyone was there. Then my mom brought out the cake but she didn't have any candles. I was bummed. The best part of the birthday cake is blowing out your candles. You can eat cake anytime you want, but you can't really put candles on a cake anytime you want....but that's ok, cos that's what Saturday is for.

So my family has thing about singing. No one likes to sing except for me. Which is funny cos I am probably the worst singer out of the bunch, although I don't really know that cos they never sing...but anyway, I told them, I said guys, if you aren't going to put candles on my cake you are at least going to sing!! So they started singing but I couldn't hear them so I joined in with the Happy Birthday to MEE!! I just wanted someone to sing happy birthday to me!! And then they were singing so quietly and in that, I'm really bored, let's get this over with voice and so I stopped them!! And I told them quite firmly that I expected them to sing me happy birthday in a jolly voice cos it really meant a lot to me. My dad thought this was hilarious by the way. And in writing I am sure that this sounds really obnoxious but I swear I didn't do it in that way. It's just that on everyone else's birthday I always have to be the one to carry the whole crowd in the singing and I didn't want to be the only one singing on my birthday, I think that's kind of sad. So we started over and they were much better. Btw, the cake was the best birthday cake I have ever had. It was a chocolate and peanut butter cake and it was fabulous!!!

After cake we all hung out and chatted for awhile. My older sister showed off her engagement ring. And one by one everyone left. I looked at the clock and I still had two and a half hours of my birthday left! I called everyone I could think of but no one was home except for the people who working early in the morning and didn't want to go out. I ended up at Hollywood Video, I used to work there, and I came in to get my free birthday rental and say hello to all my friends. The manager offered me a job again and I will think about it. I love the free rentals but the pay is ridiculously low and that silly vest is really annoying. But I love to talk to the customers and give them advice on what movies to see. So I was thinking maybe I would go back. But the hardest part is that I think my manager is gorgeous and I can't stand that he flirts with me so much because I think he's so gorgeous. So I don't know if I will come back or not. I told him I would call on Monday.

Then I went to Friday's. I don't know why I went there. I really don't like Friday's. I'm more of an Applebee's kind of girl. It's always so loud at Friday's and the people aren't my kind of people. I don't know how to explain it, it's just me. I have a lot more fun at Applebee's. So I paid my five dollars for my Alabama Slammer, didn't leave the bartender a tip, cos I am bitch like that, and well, you's my bir....

I got to Applebee's but they closed at eleven and then remembered why I went to Friday's:) Oh well, too I came home and did the email thing and here I's now been over two and half hours since it was my birthday....tommorrow is going to be so disappointing:(