I went out looking for a job today. I live in Michigan, last time I checked we were getting right up there in the unemployment rate. I went to twelve gas stations, six different factories, and a plethora of shopping centers and convenience stores, and let me tell you, there is no one who is really doing any hiring right now. Most of the factory personnel that I talked with said something like this: "We currently do not have any positions open Mr. Wagner, but we will keep your application in our database." None of the gas stations were even thinking about employing more workers. I live on the outskirts of Detroit, and there are plenty of places that I should be able to get a job at. But I'm just not finding them.

I peruse through the classifieds in the local newspapers only to find that most of the help wanted ads require a job line fee. I'm guessing that the job line fee would be what you pay for someone else to find you a job. Screw that. I don't need to pay someone to find me a job. I will find one just fine on my own, one of these days. Most all of the job openings I checked out were already filled. I don't really want a career in fast food, but if all else fails I suppose I may just have to start flipping burgers. Gotta pay for college some way.