The 29 Diner is a rare survivor among the once-numerous streamlined Moderns diners that operated in the United States. It's one of very few diners left in the United States exhibiting exceptional streamline Moderns design and construction characteristics.

Located near the intersection of Routes 29 & 123 in Fairfax City, Virginia (about 18 miles from Washington, D.C.). Opened on July 20th, 1947 and remains open to the day. Currently open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, closed only on Christmas Day (which makes it open approximately 99.726% of the time).

Strong recommendations include burgers and fries, waffles, grilled cheeses, vanilla milkshakes and their deserts.

And for the adventuresome among you, the grilled cheese with ham and the scrapple sandwiches are also suggested.

The usual clientele at 29 include, but are not limited to: current or past truckers, various George Mason University students, local young thespians and general "artsy" types, rambling old men, typical suburban families, goth kids and if you’re really lucky you'll get a post-closing time drunkard trying to sober up in the early AM hours.

The staff ranges from very amiable, to very rude, the majority being the former rather than the latter.

Among its finest achievements, 29 Diner is a Virginia Historical Landmark, was featured in the nationally syndicated comic strip "Zippy The Pinhead" (by Bill Griffith) on July 23rd, 2003, has had articles of praise in numerous Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C publications (including The Washington Post) and numerous local commercials and independent films have been filmed in 29 Diner.

The diner has a sign that says "YCJCYADFTJ." Come on in sometime and ask what it means...

10536 Lee Hwy
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

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