Yet another day where one of my former basketball player passes from the game. First it was Larry Bird, then Sir Charles of Barkley. As was expected for a short while now, the once star center for the New York Knicks is retiring. After 17 years of B-ball, Patrick Ewing is hanging up his jersey. Ewing played for the Knicks for all but the last two years of his professional career. Before the 2000 season he was traded to the Seattle Supersonics, and played his last year with the Orlando Magic. Patrick Ewing is currently 40 years old.

So what does a retired 7 foot tall basketball player do with his spare time? He could set up a basketball camp and teach kids how to make baskets like he did (Ewing had 23,665 points with the Knicks alone). Not Patrick, instead he is going to be an assistant coach with the Washington Wizards. Yeap, the team with Michael Jordon, who's Bulls won 6 championships, with four of them being over the Ewing-led Knicks. Even though Patrick has never won an NBA championship, he was still named as one of 50 greatest players to ever play the game.

Patrick had a full career. He currently holds several team records for the Knicks and has played the game during a special age in the NBA. While Patrick never had Shaq's intimidation and size to go with him, he always played hard, having great contests against Hakeem Olajuwon and Charles Barkley. He was coached by Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy during his tenure with the Knicks. The time is approaching when all the basketball players I once looked up to will be gone. At least John Stockton is still playing ball for the Jazz, I think. Anywho, Here's to a legend.