First off I would like to say this

Tonight was a very special night in the twisted world of professional wrestling. Yes, tonight was the inevitable night that Terry Bollea, known to most as Hollywoood hulk hogan announced his retirement. In his speech he brought up his father, who had died a little before christmas time, and his mother. Hulk said his father's last words were for him to retun to the place that made him famous, the place that made Hulkamania, the phenomenon that can never be stopped, will always be apppreciated and never fully understood, except for those gracious few who lived through the entire origional run.

Hulk hogan did many great things for the sport of professional wrestling, or for those who prefer, sports entertainment. He was the one who made it famous beyond a shadow of a doubt. And tonight, he announced his retirement. As with almost all things in sports entertainment nowadays, things did not go as plannned. Vinny Mac made an appearance and so did the Undertaker. After the truly emotional speech made by Terry Bollea, shit it the fan. All who were familiar with professional wrestling knew that it was a work, that Hulkamania was nowhere near dead and we would see him next week, same hulk time, same hulk channnel.

Professional wrestling likes to through many curveballs towards it's viewers, to keep em guessing as to what will happen next. The same is true with Soap Operas, like days of our lives, general hospital or passions. Half the fun of professional wqrestling is the wrsetling, the other half is the feuds and what will happen next.

Hulkamania will never die, it will never grow old, it will always be an ethereal phenomenon. Those who have not lived through it will always wonder what it was like, and why this man who can't pull off a ddt or superplex is so important. What I mean to say is, who can't get a shoulder up after a big boot/leg drop? Hell, I could do that.

I hope that Terry has a good run as a wrestler. I want to see him next thursday on Smackdown!. I want the ideal of Hulkamania to never end. I want to eat my vitamins and stay in school, but age and reality have different ideas...