Tsunami Bomb's "The Ultimate Escape" full length album from Kung Fu records was released in September 2002. It features a more fine-tuned sound that's more melodic and lacks the raw harshness of TB's earlier releases (aforementioned raw harshness often comes from lack of proper sound editing, so that's no surprise) - it retains its power and ooomph, however. The lineup still consists of Agent M, Dominic Davi, Mike Griffen and Gabriel Lindeman, but the keyboard player is no longer; Dominic has also left the band in August 2003 for "personal reasons". The lyrics still cover the usual punk spectrum, from rage against commercialism, outcast mentality, pop sensibility and overall angst. Count me out is perhaps their most traditional tune with defiant phrases screamed against a very fast, thrashy beat, while 20 going on... departs the most with a very melodic, wistful tone.

Tsunami Bomb has also made a deal with Atlus to include one of their songs on the english version of the tactical RPG Disgaea. It appears only in a certain moment in the game (the game is very long and a 2 minute song - The Invasion from Within, from the 2000 EP of the same name - would vanish in its 60+ hours of gameplay, so it is used as punctuation). The song also appears on the Disgaea trailer preview, and is matched perfectly with dynamic sequences from the game - it is also the tune that got me (and hopefully others) interested in the band in the first place, so kudos to Atlus for the bold move, and to TB for taking the chance.

In yet another step to enlarge and maintain their audience, Tsunami Bomb maintains an active website at tsunamibomb.com. It is filled with all the pertinent information such as bios and discography, and also is frequently updated with tour and tons of fan photos, tour dates, tour diaries and personal tidbits from all members of the band. You can watch videos, or download MP3s (via mp3.com) of a few songs. There's even a chat and a forum feature - basically what a band's site should be, but few are - a portal to the listeners.

Track List
1. Take the reins
2. Russian roulette
3. Say it if you mean it
4. Roundabout
5. Top 40 hit
6. 20 going on...
7. The simple truth
8. Headlights on a hand grenade
9. Count me out
10. El diablo
11. In this together
12. Swimming through molasses

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