A giant scare cooked up by various radical environmentalist groups, the liberal media, the Green Party, and Majestic 12 *. The term frankenfood was coined in to link various grains and innocent agricultural products to one Frankenstein, actually a pretty nice character as horror stories go. Anyways, it stands for genetically modified food, normally a great achievement and one thing that could solve some of the world's hunger problems, but has since been targeted by the above-mentioned conspiracy.

The witch-hunt was mainly isolated in Europe, but has since spread to America and Asia, though not at such a radical degree. Call it American sensibility and more importantly, Asian hunger!

These so-called frankenfoods are about as harmful as the next piece of bread made from hybrid wheat, but environmentalists seem to object to the "manipulation of nature" of any kind. Strange, I wonder if they object to the cross-breeding of pets and animals. Anyways, the type of farming technique the vandals are protesting against have been practiced for thousands of years, we've just gotten better at it, which is most likely a good thing. What is so immoral about higher yields?

That aside, it has been observed by various European economists that the reason genetically modified food was so unpopular in Europe was that European farmers wanted to keep prices high and yields low, and obviously "frankenfood" would produce more food and lower their prices. Interesting, no?

It has been scientifically proven to be harmless, but it didn't stop the liberal media from pouncing like hungry vultures. Another fun point is that these "environmentalists" are really anarchists in disguise, their dogma is filled with frequent references such as "capitalist pig" and "corporate slavery".

From trespassing, vandalizing farm equipment, destroying crops, to assaulting shop owners, these "activists" have about as much scientific proof as Bart Simpson had for his science project.

* - A wild hypothesis. The Majestic 12 are too clever to involve themselves in a plan of such evil and let themselves be discovered. Be afraid. They are everywhere.