A vast conspiracy, one designed to wrest North America from its white overseers into Asian hands. The plot is multifaceted, ignoring Asian racial lines, Japanese, Chinese and Korean working together for the Asian Manifest Destiny, that the borders of Asia are not strong enough hold our numbers, for we are supreme! We shall overcome!

The plot has been in motion for decades, first with World War II, when the Japanese attempted overt war to take control of North America. It didn't work. In any case, that was a Japanese action, not unified with the rest of the conspiracy. It was God's will for it to fail. The Asian Manifest Destiny is the will of God, and we shall win in the end.

After this heavy setback, the conspiracy sat back to lick its many wounds. China was in chaos, and so was Korea. Japan was the only country in shape to launch an attack, and that they did, in the form of economic war in the automobile and electronics sectors of America. Like a tsunami, the Japanese scared the beejesus out of the American industrial barons. The American electronics business disappeared overnight, the more robust car makers stayed, but were shadowed by Toyota, Honda, and other Japanese brands. The Japanese economic war was a landmark victory for the Asian conspiracy.

First came the money, then came the people. The influx of our brothers and sisters started in the late 70's. These highly trained shock troops were designed to further take control of the American economy by taking the jobs. The initial wave of immigrants were better educated than even some of the brightest American boys, and we had no problems stealing employment from them, especially in the fields of engineering and business. More soldiers arrived, slowly taking over the country.

Status Report, from HQ (Vancouver):

The conquest of California, British Columbia and Ontario is complete. Canada will be ours. We already have a heavy troop presence in all provinces, the Francophones at Quebec shall fall soon. The rest of Canada is just a matter of time.

America is putting up heavy resistance, but we have won California. Texas and New York is next, we shall launch attacks on Houston and New York City shortly. We own all the major educational facilities of America. We shall take all the urban centers then sweep around to crush the rural areas of the South and the Midwest. We shall overcome.