Although it is probably impossible to define love in words, many psychologists have tried to dissect this mysterious thing. What makes love? What maintains it? I think this model provides a very basic framework for what is going on, but it is far from complete.

So far the best they have come up with is 3 components of love, romance, passion and intimacy. With a correct mixture of the three, then you have a perfect relationship. Missing one or two, then things aren't going as well as they can. Here are the possible scenarios with this current model of love.

  • Romance - This relation will feel like a love story with nothing going on. Like those kid's movies where you know they are in love, but you see shit.

  • Passion - With just passion, it is like a crush with no substance at all. Just like high school.

  • Intimacy - Physical aspect of love. Fucking like rabbits. With just this, love has been diluted down to a mere booty call. It is not even love any more.

  • Romance and Passion - Lack of physical love will doom this relationship. Frustration sets in.

  • Romance and Intimacy - The love is hollow. Like a couple 30 years into marriage. Lacks the passion of youth, the good old days.

  • Passion and Intimacy - Still physical love. Without romance, this relationship will get old fast. Not true love.

  • All three - Bingo! The happy medium. Congratulations.