A courtroom euphemism. Black rage has been known to win various lawsuits in America, usually some ultraviolent crime committed by a black against some other ethnicity. Doesn't matter if the victim is white, Asian or Hispanic. Apparently, black people have been oppressed so long that they can commit crimes in the name of some kind of "ethnic anger" and get away with it. Outrageous, eh?

One particularly nasty case in Los Angeles saw a gang of blacks bludgeon a Korean man to death because his car broke down in the ghetto. He had a nice car. Now he's dead. The blacks were found innocent by this so-called "black rage" defense.

In addition to this, black rage has been used to defend blacks from various other crimes, such as looting. We all remember Rodney King.

I wonder if Asian rage or white rage works in the courtroom. Maybe I should find out...

Love the soft-links. Thank you, I love you all.

I read it on a paper edition of Newsweek, circa 1992. It happened. I'm not going to start on reverse discrimination. This will not end racism. This only serves to fuel racism by illuminating racial lines instead of hiding them. Then again, I am not black, so what do I know?