Unlike my uncle, who is a doctor (a neurologist to boot), I believe in Chinese medicine, to a degree of course. For the record, all that faddish natural energy cures in America is totally ridiculous, and the quacks who practice it should be sent to prison.

Acupuncture works. I've had it plenty of times. It is particularly effective in the following areas:

Words of caution in acupuncture. Make sure you visit a respected practitioner. Not some dinky two-bit shop that says alternative medicine in big letters out the front. At worst, the needles are dirty and you get poked in all the wrong spots. Go to Chinatown. There are doctors that practice in both Western and traditional fields of medicine. Ask around. My family doctor in Shanghai has been doing acupuncture for 40 years. When he inserts a needle it doesn't even hurt.

Chinese medical massage also works. I found it to be effective for minor medical problems such as:

Beware, this hurts. A lot. If it doesn't hurt, then it isn't working. The masseuse works the pressure points, and it gets extremely painful on the sensitive spots, such as your temples, the ridges on the back of your hand, and the arch of your foot. Try running your finger up toward your shin from between your big toe and second toe until the tendons come together and hit the bone, then press that spot.

I never use Chinese traditional medicine for major problems. Only minor ailments. Western medicine is still more important to me, but I would like to avoid taking pills as much as possible, and Chinese medicine doesn't requre any strange chemicals to be imbibed.

Also, drink Chinese tea. For some reason, a combination of Chinese tea and congee solves just about every stomach problem I've ever had.