Other notables...
  • "Come closer, so that my hamster may have a better look at you." (which is funny because hamsters are nearsighted)
  • "You point, I punch."
  • "Adventure, excitement, this is the life, eh Boo?"

I'm not sure if I got the exact quotes there, but he says the first when you meet him, the second when you're directing him, and the third when you have good rep and you're just standing around. Oh yeah, and Boo is a miniature giant space hamster, which is slightly more funny than just being from space.

Minsc is a ranger on a mission to save Dynaheir, who's been captured by gnolls. My affinity for fighters, clerics, and druids forced me to save Dynaheir, so Minsc would stay with me, and then let her get killed, so I could get back that Paladin (you know, the Helm paladin).