I usually don't dream, or don't remember my dreams, so I believe that when I do, they have some sort of significance. I also feel disadvantaged in not being able to regularly contribute to the dream log page each day, but last night I did dream.

Don't scream at your furniture, Don't scream at your furniture

My alarm clock was blaring and my roommate, Jess, was yelling at me, so I slipped my Alarm clock under my covers and let him continue to tell me that which I should not do to my furniture. I rolled back under the covers and used my foot to push the snooze button.

Don't scream at your furniture, Don't scream at your furniture

My roommate was gone, and my alarm clock was telling me not to scream at it while it blared, louder now than before. I hit the snooze button, but it didn't stop the thing, so I unplugged it. With no end of the alarming in sight, I wrapped it in a blanket and threw it out my door. With that being my only blanket, I curled up in bed, and pulled my shirt down over my feet... drifting off again.

Then I was sitting in front of my computer, apparently I was noding in my dream. I looked down at the new writeups section, and all the posts were on Don't Scream at your furniture, so I started yelling, I just let out a howl, "What? Why? Why the hell would I scream at my furniture! It's just furniture, it doesn't hurt anybody! I'm not offended by it or any-" and then I noticed that my computer was gone and I was yelling at my desk.