The capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department of France (having more than 1 million inhabitants). Nice is a truly magnificent city in the French Riviera founded as early as 300 BC by the Massaliots (at the times called Nikaia - which means victorious).
The city is one of the places that most American backpackers seem to have on their "can't miss this" list when touring Europe. From here, you can - except from enjoying the not so sandy beach - quickly get to the Alpes, or take a 40 minute bus ride ending up in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Although overrun by tourists, the city has got a bearable nightlife that isn't too expensive to throw oneself into. In the old parts of town, you find plenty of night clubs keeping you entertained for the entire night. (personally, I tried to fall asleep on the street, waking up about 6.30AM Saturday morning having absolutely no money or papers on me - shit happens)