Sometimes, not all the time mind you, I feel like I’m stuck inside a giant hamster wheel. Running and running, never getting anywhere, but content to just scuttle away forever. This isn’t just any regular hamster wheel; this one is so abysmally huge that I will never get back to the place I started from.

I don’t know why this is the way it is, I don’t understand but I do try to. There is nothing in my life I want to change, maybe give myself a little more sense here and there, but aside from that, I am as happy now as I have ever been. I have no real reason to play the disaffected placard-waver.

Speaking of placard-wavers, I hear some nut-bag stabbed himself to death in Cancun as part of a protest outside a W.T.O. meeting. If they don’t care about the millions of homeless and starving refugees that are dying around the world even as I write this, why the fuck did he think they’d pay any attention whatsoever to him?

To believe that behavior so irrational could be viewed with anything other than rampant disdain is just plain dumb. While is respect the strength of his convictions, I can’t help but question his motives. Why would you kill yourself for something like that? Will the death of one man, or woman for that matter, change anything that the W.T.O. will do in the future? I think not. To suppose that your life is of greater value than the millions that the W.T.O. throws to the wind is arrogant. Fine, granted that the silly bugger meant well, all this means is that there is one less protestor throwing stones and fire-bombs at the police outside the next W.T.O. meeting.

I will never die in a pool of blood, by my own hand, outside any meeting, including the W.T.O., it was a waste of a life and that guy, were he alive today, should be ashamed of himself for creating such a spectacle.

My little rant is over. It has been a crap day. She was late. Very late.

If there is only one thing in this world that I am allowed to hate with every fiber of my being, it is her repeated lateness.

You will hear from me again I am sure.