Rhapsody in Screwed :: Part VI


there are just some days that i wonder when the hell i got out of bed. yesterday was one of them. i remember the dentist's receptionist rang me at about 09:30, and the next thing i remember, i wake up from another dream about the Tynker boys, this one including an irritating buzz that won't stop, to discover that my mother is on the phone, and the buzz is actually my alarm clock. i have no clue what time it is, but i manage to throw on clothes and leave the house. i remember nothing before the door of the student services center.

at this point it gets clearer. i sign a promissory note for the $380 i owe the school, make the first payment, joke around with the bursar's clerk about access databases, and decide to eat breakfast. i manage to acquire a teriyaki bowl, and learn on the news at the chinese restaurant that the president's daughter has been caught underage drinking. i can't help but snicker. following this, i decide that as poor as i am, i really need some comics to cheer me up. so, no shit, i walk down to the local comic shop, and run into a geekGirl i know. i won't mention her name, because this gets interesting, and i don't want to start any blasphemous rumours, or anything. anyway, we go in and start bullshitting about comics and roommates, and i grab an issue of Blue Monday, and the lead in to volume one of Girl Genius.

then she hits me with it. she wants to *dress up* and go to the club. now, this particular female has not been seen in anything but black bdu's in years. possibly ever. so i start egging her on. many hours later, i got pictures of the phoenomenon.

but back to the hour at hand, we went out so she could eat, and i could drink lemonade. it was almost not funny when a waiter wandered over to our table on some bizarre pretense, and commented that he knew me. it took me a minute, but i realised he was right. i knew him, alright. in the biblical sense, many years ago. this was my cue to exit left, so geekGirl and i went to look at music we can't afford, and then back to her place so i could put myself $14 in debt to her roommate, the fixer.

i go home and call up mollie, because it's her birthday, and she's still trying to get a ride down to the club. i tell her i'll meet her there. i then proceed to totally ignore my kitchen, and go upstairs to get dressed to go out. i come back down in a pink bridesmaid's dress, with a leather corset-vest, and lots of jingly bits. truly a sight to behold.

then i head out to the fixer's so i can get a ride to the club. i get there, and am immediately confronted with macintosh tech support queries...i hate sys9. then i see her, and oh...my...god...she's wearing a skirt and *fishnets*! eek! so we get out the digital camera and start shooting. then there's some conversation about whether geek girls will ever blow the filmmaking roommate, and where the network hub should be put. i step into geekGirl's room to comment on the music, and when i step back into the hall, there's ogre, the imposingly large roommate, holding an imposingly large saw. "holy mother of god!" i say, "this is just too good! this is going in the daylog..." so, here it is.

so i get to the club, and spend the evening dancing happily, and smoking too much. i run into two other people i haven't seen since i was 15, one of whom i dated, one i only wanted to. not much to say, as not much was said. but i spent an interesting smattering of moments with someone else's slave boy. this kid is just out of high school, and he breaks my heart. he's beautiful, smart, and funny as hell, and utterly convinced that he's worthless. i can't help myself. i want to kill people every time i see him look sad...which is every time i see him, at least until i start talking. i love it when i can make him smile. it puts a whole new meaning to my life. but seriously, as often as i make ribald and downright filthy commentary to him, i could never imagine taking him to bed. he's just too delicate and dear for that sort of thing. think about how a loving older brother feels about his charming little sister, and you might have what i'm feeling here. i'll kill the first person i see deliberately making him unhappy.

but i digress. spent the remainder of the evening in a coffeeshop, bemoaning my fate (just because i can) to storyteller james and niall the priest of scorn. niall's really short...i like that. gives us something in common :) then, after letting james tell me i was concerning myself with things that requited no concern, he and i walked home, and talked about pheromones, genetics and the sca.

all in all, a good evening.